• 20+ Years in the Wanneroo Realty Market
  • 150+ Managed Properties
  • 10,000+ Residential Homes Covered
Our Story

We help you achieve
your property dreams

From bungee
jumping visionary
to a Wanneroo real
estate legend


Before his 20+ year career in Wanneroo real estate, Andy Bredow was the owner / operator of Bungee jumping sites around the world. Canada. Spain. Bahamas. Bali. Name a Bungee jumping haven, and chances are Andy knows it.

Andy launched AB Realty in 2018 after previously working for another local agency.

Stepping up to the Bungee platform, starting your own business, and venturing into the property market all require a leap into the unknown.


Trust is critical – trust in yourself and in your team.
It is this trust that sets AB Realty apart from other real estate agencies.


We are an agency that cares

Our relationship with you revolves around customer service and open communication.

At AB Realty, every voice matters.

We take the time to learn your story, meet your needs, and ease your stress. Whether you want to sell your beloved family home, purchase an investment property, or find a rental closer to your children’s school, we have your best interests at heart.

We’re a tight-knit crew, and we welcome you to join our family for the length of your property journey.

We respect you and your home

We understand that your home is an integral part of your life.

When you work with us, we listen to your concerns and fears. We’ve created a simple, obligation-free appraisal process that provides you with a respectful valuation of your property – whether you are looking to sell or rent it.

For home opens and photo shoots, presentation is important. We provide guidelines for that too. Our professional photographers will capture your property in its best light to maximise its chances of success. We offer daytime, twilight, and night photo shoots as well as video and drone filming opportunities.

You can count on our support right from the start.

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We are committed to putting
you at ease

We thrive on the dynamic nature of property management and strive to look after landlords and their investment.

Property management involves many moving parts, including meetings with clients, coordinating inspections around people’s busy lives, and solving maintenance issues promptly.

We protect your investment and help it reach its full potential.