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City of Wanneroo, WA Bulk Rubbish Verge Collection

The City of Wanneroo, WA Verge Collection is a service offered to residents in the City of Wanneroo to collect and dispose of waste on the verge outside their homes. The verge is the area between the footpath and the road.

What Can Be Collected?

The City of Wanneroo Verge Collection service allows residents to dispose of a wide range of items, including mattresses, large appliances, such as fridges and washing machines that are up to 1.5 metres in length/width, scrap steel, furniture and bulky household items.

What Can Not Be Collected?

There are some items that the City of Wanneroo Bulk Verge Collection service can not accept for disposal. These include hazardous waste, such as chemicals, batteries, oil, liquids, paint, gas cylinders, any kinds of glass, any vehicle parts and agricultural waste. It is important to properly dispose of these items at a designated hazardous waste facility to ensure the safety of the community and the environment.

Additionally, the Verge Collection service does not accept green waste, such as lawn clippings/tree prunings/stumps/logs and construction waste, such as bricks, building rubble, cement/concrete, sand, pallets, fence sheeting and asbestos products. These items may need to be disposed of at a transfer station or landfill.

Overall, the City of Wanneroo Verge Collection service is a convenient and efficient way for residents to dispose of a variety of waste items. It is important to familiarize oneself with the things that are and are not accepted to ensure that waste is disposed of properly.

If you need further information, you may contact the City of Wanneroo phone number (08) 9405 5000 – open for public for any enquiries. Furthermore, we have compiled more contact numbers on our contact Wanneroo page.

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Refer to this article for more information: https://www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au/bulkvergecollection

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