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Free Rental Appraisal Perth

Do you want to know how much you should be making on rental income for your property each month? Here at AB Realty, we provide free rental appraisals in Perth for just that! Check out why you may need a free rental appraisal below.


What Is a Rental Appraisal?

A rental appraisal is an evaluation carried out by a property manager to determine a property’s rental value. The appraisal will assess a number of factors related to the property in order to indicate the amount of rental income the owner could earn should the property be rented out.

Is it Important to Get Regular Rental Appraisals?

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It’s important to get regular rental appraisals for many different reasons, including:

  • Property market evolution: Property market conditions, especially in Perth, call for regular property appraisals. Certain factors will cause specific properties to either skyrocket in price or plummet based on the demands of the market. As a landlord, you’ll need to stay on top of this data to manage your property properly.
  • Maximising rental income: By regularly assessing your property, you can ensure that you are making as much money as possible. Rental appraisals can also help to minimise vacancies, ensuring that your property is correctly priced for the current market conditions.
  • Property condition: During an appraisal, the manager will check that your property is in good condition and find any problems that may need to be fixed. Our experienced property managers will offer practical suggestions and advice for improvements to increase the rental value.
  • Tracking value: Keep track of the value of your property investment. This could aid in knowing when to stick and when to sell.
  • Informed data-driven decisions: Property owners often have to make difficult decisions relating to their property. This could be regarding renovations, tenant issues, and more. Getting a free rental appraisal will help you make confident decisions that are backed by assessment data.
  • It’s free: At AB Realty, we manage rental properties for our clients and offer free rental appraisals in Perth, when needed. Be sure to check out our property management services if this sounds appealing to you!

How to Conduct a Rental Appraisal

There are two ways to conduct a rental appraisal:

  1. Calculate the rental price on your own: Any property owner can determine the rental price of a property by themselves. If you have your head wrapped around the real estate market in Perth, then you may be able to do this accurately. That being said, you’ll need to do a lot of research, use various tools, and have the right contacts to calculate the best rental asking price for your property.
  2. Hire a property manager: On the other hand, you could hire a professional property manager or real estate agent, like the property management specialists here at AB Realty. Since the rental appraisal is free, there isn’t really any risk! Our experienced team has done tons of free property appraisals in Perth and will undoubtedly come to an accurate rental asking price for you.

What Is Considered During a Rental Appraisal?

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There are multiple factors that we would look at and assess when conducting a property appraisal. Certain relevant fixtures may add to the value of your rental property, while others may detract from it.

Here are a few of the most important factors to consider during a rental appraisal:

  • Location: When it comes to the property market, location is everything. For example, the exact same rental property in Cottesloe would be far more expensive than if it was in Kallaroo.
  • Amenities: Included with location are accessibility and proximity to local amenities. So, if the local park, gym, transport hubs, and shopping centre are easily accessible from your property, the rental value will likely be higher.
  • Property size: The size and the facilities of the property are important contributing factors towards a rental property’s pricing. When examining the size of the property, the manager will check the square metres of the indoor areas, outdoor areas, parking, etc.
  • Number of bedrooms: Generally, the more bedrooms offered by a property, the higher the market price or rental will be.
  • Overall presentation: A property that has been modernised and styled by professional interior designers and architects is likely to get a higher price during a rental appraisal.
  • Furnishings: If you are offering your property fully or semi-furnished, you are entitled to ask for a higher rental price compared to an unfurnished property.
  • Recent market trends: It’s the property manager’s responsibility to check on the state of the current property market. Certain trends can increase a property’s rental value; for example, if Perth experienced a scorching summer, properties with pools may start to rise in price.
  • Areas of improvement: When assessing your property, the manager will take into account any damage or areas that require improvement. This will contribute to a decrease in the property valuation.

Consider AB Realty for a Comprehensive Free Rental Appraisal in Perth

So, you now know everything there is to know about getting a free rental appraisal in Perth. The team here at AB Realty is here to help you!

We’ll assist you in maximising the rental income of your investment property. We’ll also keep you up to date with any market trends and fluctuations in rental pricing in the region.

If you want a hassle-free real estate management agency to do all of this for you, contact AB Realty today!

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Why choose AB Realty for Rental Appraisal?

Our team works hard for you and your tenants to ensure your property management experience is enjoyable and rewarding. Let’s look at our 3-phase process for property management.

Action Phase

We meet you and view the property. Then you can fill in the application form or apply online through www.realestate.com.au under the property listing.

To ensure your application stands out to the landlord, gather the necessary documentation, and fill it in correctly. You will need the following:

  • Rental application form
  • Proof of identity, e.g., passport or driver’s licence
  • Medicare card
  • Proof of income, e.g., pay slip or work contract
  • Rental history (if applicable)
  • Proof of financial stability, e.g., bank statement or account details
  • Personal and professional references

After we complete the relevant reference checks, we submit the applications to the owners.

Contract Phase

Once the landlord advises us of their preferred tenant, we draft the paperwork to be signed. Our Property Manager will meet with you to go through specifics, including:

  • Rental payments
  • Rental terms
  • Inspection process
  • Expectations of you, the tenant
  • Maintenance and repairs process
  • Property conditions report

After the lease is signed, we hand over the keys to your new rental! We provide you with a tenant handbook so that you have all the information you need.

Maintenance Phase

Rental inspections

Your first inspection is six weeks after moving in. Inspections are conducted between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. You don’t need to attend the inspection, as we can gain access to the property. Regular inspections occur every three months after that. We provide a handy cleaning guide so you know what we are looking for during our inspection and so you can easily meet the landlord’s expectations.

Repairs and maintenance

If you notify us of a problem with the rental property, we will contact the landlord on your behalf to gain permission for a contractor or owner access. We work with reliable contractors who solve repair and maintenance concerns on our rental listings to a high standard. Your tenant handbook also contains contact numbers for plumbing and electrical issues for emergency after-hours matters only if the Property Manager is not contactable.

Tenants describe us as approachable, friendly, relatable, and professional. Our goal is to make sure that both you and your landlord have a positive renting experience that is stress-free, comfortable, and rewarding.


Will every property manager’s rental appraisal be the same?
The property market is volatile and fluctuates constantly. As such, no property manager’s rental appraisal will be the same. They may use the same set of factors to determine an accurate asking price, but there is no fixed or predetermined amount that each appraisal will result in.
How do I know if a rental appraisal is correct?
Property managers and real estate agents will provide you with a comparable market analysis. This document will compare your property to similar properties in the region. This is the best way to see if your rental appraisal and eventual asking price are accurate.
What is the average house rent in Perth?
According to The Guardian, the median rental price in Perth for 2023 is $583 a week.