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Is Wanneroo A Good Suburb

is wanneroo a good place

Wanneroo is a thriving city situated in the western suburbs of Perth. The city is graced with natural parks and environments, and a rapidly growing and developing population.

Whether you are living alone, with friends, or with family, Wanneroo proves to be a welcoming place to live. From the schools to employment opportunities, a lot of factors contribute to its accessibility and friendliness.

If you are considering packing your bags and relocating to the beautiful city of Wanneroo, continue reading this article as it will help answer all the questions you have about the city. Check out other resources related to Wanneroo, WA.

Location And Accessibility Of Wanneroo

One key benefit of the city is its location and proximity to two major cities in Australia that is Perth and Jundaloop. This means residents can easily access the wider metropolitan area of Perth.

The city is well connected to major roads and highways such as the Joondalup Drive and Mitchell Highway as it is just 30 kilometres north of Perth’s central business district. Not to mention that Wanneroo is also serviced by many local and regional bus services, and even a train station, making it easy for residents to move around.

Property Market In Wanneroo

The residential area in Wanneroo is rapidly growing, meaning that the number of homebuyers and investors alike is on the rise. Let us take an in-depth look at the property market in Wanneroo and how it will benefit you.

Median House Prices in Wanneroo

As of 2021, the estimated price for median houses was around $450,000. The prices range from about $300,000 for a basic three-bedroom apartment to over $600,000 for a luxurious five-bedroom house. These prices are significantly lower than nearby suburbs around Perth, making Wanneroo the perfect choice for people looking for affordable yet quality housing.

The Wanneroo property market is still expected to grow at a 4-5% rate in the next few years. This rise is driven by factors such as the city’s proximity to Perth and its excellent transport network.

Investment Property In Wanneroo

The remarkable growth of the property market in Wanneroo makes it a good area to make real estate investments as it features a relatively low entry point and high returns. The growing demand for housing and high rental yields make Wanneroo attractive for both long and short-term investments.

The best investment opportunities typically lie in the higher-end market segments, where prices are expected to grow the most as well as yield the highest rentals. Also, investing in newly developed areas may prove to be a wise investment, as these areas can experience rapid growth in the coming years.

Amenities and Lifestyle in Wanneroo

The bustling suburb of Wanneroo has an array of attractive amenities and lifestyle options for everyone, whether you are a family, a young professional, or a retiree. Let us look at some of these options and see how well they suit residents.

Schools in Wanneroo

It is no surprise that education is an important sector for families alike, and the city of Wanneroo knows this all too well. The city is home to many highly regarded schools that cater to students of all ages.

Schools like Wanneroo Primary School, St Anthony’s School, and St Stephen’s School provide primary education with options like Wanneroo Secondary College, John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School, and St Stephen’s School for secondary education.

Each of the listed schools has a strong commitment to providing quality education, academic excellence, and the well-rounded enlightenment of students.

Parks And Gardens In Wanneroo

Picturesque gardens and parks are one of the main attractions in Wanneroo. The parks offer a wide range of recreational activities, from hiking and cycling to picnic areas and birdwatching sports.

Some of the green spaces residents can enjoy include Yellagonga Regional Park, and Neerabup National Park. Whether you are looking to have a fun family outing or a peaceful solo date, these parks are the perfect places.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment in Wanneroo

The city of Wanneroo is home to a thriving commercial hub. The city’s central shopping centre is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike. It offers a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options in Wanneroo.

Some other attractions in the area include Joondalup Resort Golf Course, Scitech Discovery Centre, and Joondalup Performing Arts Centre, perfect for some quality fun time out in the city of Wanneroo.

Crime Rate in Wanneroo

The relative safety of an area is a top consideration when deciding where to live, and this is not different for Wanneroo. Fortunately, this city has a relatively lower crime rate in comparison to other suburbs in Perth.

Instances of a property crime such as break-ins are relatively rare in the area, making it the perfect place for families and individuals to call home.

Wanneroo as a Suburb for Homebuyers

As earlier mentioned, the Wanneroo property market allows for a favourable investment for homebuyers and landlords.

Benefits Of Owning A Home in Wanneroo

There are benefits of being a home owner in Wanneroo in that the city has a strong economic outlook due to the steady growth in both the housing market and the local economy. This makes buying a home in Wanneroo a smart investment as it will offer you peace of mind.

The city prides itself on being an attractive place to live, as it has amenities and services that make for a high-quality life. From top-rated schools to mesmerising parks, shopping centres, and other attractions, this suburb has something for every home buyer.

Frequently Aasked Questions

What is the average cost of a home in Wanneroo?

The average cost of a home in Wanneroo varies but it is generally more affordable than housing in other central suburbs near Perth.

What Is The Commute Time From Wanneroo To The City Centre?

The commute time from Wanneroo to the city centre depends on traffic but typically it takes 30 minutes to an hour.

What Is The Climate Like In Wanneroo?

The climate in Wanneroo is similar to the rest of Perth, it has mild to cool winters and warm to hot summers.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Wanneroo Compared To Other Suburbs?

It is relatively affordable when compared to other suburbs closer to Perth. However, the cost varies based on the specific location and type of housing within the city.

Is there access to quality healthcare in Wanneroo?

Yes, there is access to quality healthcare in the city, as it is home to several well-equipped medical facilities. These include GP clinics, dental practices, and pharmacies. Also, there are hospitals available in nearby suburbs.

What is the local job market like in Wanneroo?

The local job market in Wanneroo is growing and diverse, offering a range of opportunities for job seekers in various industries.

Is Wanneroo Environmentally Conscious?

Wanneroo has shown a commitment to environmental sustainability and has implemented initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and preserving the natural beauty of the area.


After looking at all the factors in this article, we are sure you agree with us that Wanneroo is a good suburb. It is perfect for individuals, friends, and families, with the remarkable job and educational opportunities available.

It also makes a great investment location for those into property as the rapid population and economic growth promise a high yield on returns. There is something for everyone in the city of Wanneroo.

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