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Is Hocking A Good Suburb?

Is Hocking a good suburb? If you are considering Hocking as a potential place to live, then you are in the right place. We will dive into various aspects of Hocking, including its amenities, property market, lifestyle and more.

Upon perusing this article, you will gain a more distinct comprehension of the factors that render Hocking a sought-after suburb, and determine if it aligns with your preferences. Let’s initiate the exploration by unveiling the characteristics that contribute to Hocking’s renowned status as an appealing residential locale, particularly in terms of its weather and climate.

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Location And Accessibility Of Hocking

Hocking, located 26 km north of Perth, offers modern amenities and natural beauty, attracting families and professionals. Its convenient location near the freeway provides easy access to attractions, shopping centres, and employment hubs.

Public transport options, including regular buses to Perth City Centre, ensure convenient commuting. Surrounding suburbs like Wanneroo, Pearsall, Gnangara, and Woodvale offers additional amenities for Hocking residents to enjoy.

Property Market In Hocking – Median Monthly Mortgage Repayments

Hocking’s property market has experienced steady growth, attracting families and young professionals.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2021 Census, the median monthly mortgage repayments in Hocking were $1,965, slightly higher than the Perth average of $1,924.

However, Hocking remains affordable compared to neighbouring suburbs like Sinagra ($1,999) and Woodvale ($2,167). It remains a favourable choice for first-home buyers and investors. The demand for rental properties has also increased, making Hocking an attractive investment opportunity.

What Is The Median House Prices In Hocking?

Based on data from realestate.com.au for the period from May 2022 to April 2023, the median house price in Hocking is approximately $580,000. Hocking has emerged as an affordable option within the Perth property market, and its median house prices have shown steady growth in recent years.

This indicates a continual upward trend in Hocking’s property prices, reinforcing its appeal as an affordable yet promising choice for homebuyers and investors in the Perth area.

Is Investing In Property In Hocking A Wise Decision?

The suburb’s high rental demand, affordability, and convenient location make it an attractive choice.

With a median weekly rent of $400, higher than the nearby suburb of Wanneroo, Hocking offers the potential for greater rental returns. Rental yields in Hocking tend to be significantly higher than the Perth average, with potential yields of around 4.5% for a four-bedroom house and approximately 5.0% for a three-bedroom unit.

These figures, based on the 2021 Census data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), highlight Hocking’s lucrative investment potential for growing property portfolios and generating passive income.

Amenities And Lifestyle In Hocking

With amenities ranging from schools, parks, shopping centres, and dining options, Hocking ensures a comfortable lifestyle for individuals and families alike.

Schools In Hocking

Hocking is an excellent place for families with children, as it is home to several highly-regarded schools. The Hocking Primary School, for example, has been providing quality education since its establishment in 2008. Additionally, St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School also offers a faith-based curriculum for its students within Hocking.

Apart from these two primary schools, the suburb is well-connected to numerous other educational institutions in the region, such as Wanneroo Secondary College, Ashdale Secondary College, and Joseph Banks Secondary College, which provide excellent secondary education options to students residing in Hocking.

Parks And Gardens In Hocking

Hocking boasts numerous parks and gardens, perfect for outdoor activities and family outings. Hocking Tricao Park is a popular community park, offering playgrounds, picnic areas, and sporting grounds for residents to enjoy.

Wyatt Grove Park, located near the Wyatt Grove shopping centre, features modern playground equipment, BBQ areas, and a well-maintained lawn, providing families with enjoyable moments together.

Shopping, Dining, And Entertainment In Hocking

Hocking offers abundant shopping and dining options, centred around the Wyatt Grove Shopping Centre. This hub features a variety of retail stores, supermarkets, and speciality shops, catering for residents’ diverse needs.

Additionally, Hocking boasts several cafés and restaurants that provide a range of cuisines, ensuring residents have ample dining choices.

For additional entertainment and shopping experiences, Hocking residents can conveniently access larger shopping centres like Lakeside Joondalup and Westfield Whitford City, which offer an expanded selection of stores, services, and entertainment venues, including cinemas.

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