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Property Manager Perth

property manager perth

Hire a property manager for Perth property rental!

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As a genuine and professional Property Manager in Perth, Western Australia, AB Realty is here to guide you through the world of property management. With over 20 years of local experience, we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to both property owners and tenants.

Understanding Property Management in Perth, Western Australia

Property management involves the multifaceted administration, operation, and oversight of real estate properties. We at AB Realty thrive on the dynamic nature of property management, striving to look after landlords and their investments in Perth. Our services include rent collection, maintenance coordination, tenant screening, lease agreement enforcement, and more.

As your Property Manager in Perth, our role is to act as a bridge between landlords and tenants. We handle everything from marketing vacancies, conducting thorough tenant screenings, ensuring timely rent payments, and property maintenance, all while putting you at ease.

Why Choose AB Realty as Your Property Manager in Perth, Western Australia?

When it comes to choosing a Property Manager in Perth, Western Australia, here’s why you should consider us:

  • Experience: With Andy’s 20+ years in the local market, we’ve developed the necessary expertise to manage properties effectively.
  • Communication: We prioritise clear and open communication with both landlords and tenants for smooth operations.
  • Efficiency: Our simple, obligation-free appraisal process ensures efficient rent collection, maintenance coordination, and lease agreement enforcement.
  • Market Knowledge: Keeping up with Perth’s constantly evolving real estate market allows us to maximise your property’s potential and provide a respectful valuation.

Responsibilities of AB Realty, Your Property Manager in Perth, Western Australia

  • Tenant Screening and Selection: We conduct thorough background checks, ensuring tenants are reliable and suitable for your property.
  • Lease Agreement Management: We draft and manage lease agreements, ensuring all terms are legally binding.
  • Rent Collection and Financial Management: We protect your investment with prompt rent collection and detailed financial records.

Benefits of Hiring AB Realty as Your Property Manager in Perth, Western Australia

  • Time and Stress Management: Let us take the stress out of managing your investment, from advertising vacancies to screening tenants and handling lease agreements.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: We ensure your properties are compliant with all legal requirements, including tenant rights and building codes.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Our prompt coordination of repairs and maintenance helps preserve your property’s value.

Selecting the Right Property Manager in Perth

Quality to ConsiderDescription
📈 ExperienceLook for a property manager with a proven track record of success in the real estate industry and a strong residential and commercial property portfolio.
💼 SpecialtiesConsider whether the manager has experience and knowledge in the specific tasks you need, such as marketing, tenant selection, rent collection, and maintenance.
📞 CommunicationChoose a manager who is available and willing to answer any questions you may have. This includes being responsive to phone calls, emails, and other forms of communication. The manager should also be transparent and keep you informed of any important developments or issues with your property.
🏆 ReputationResearch online reviews and references to understand the property manager’s reputation. Ask for references from current and previous clients, and be sure to check them carefully. You may also want to check for any professional certifications or memberships that the manager may have.
💰 FeesUnderstand the fees before committing to a manager, as they can vary widely. Be sure to ask about additional charges, such as advertising or maintenance, and consider whether the fees are reasonable for the services provided. You may also want to compare fees with other property managers to ensure you are getting a fair price.
📜 Service Level AgreementConsider whether the property manager offers a service level agreement that outlines their responsibilities and expectations and any penalties for failure to meet those expectations. A well-defined service level agreement can provide peace of mind and protect your interests.
💼 InsuranceThe property manager must have adequate insurance coverage to protect you and your property. Be sure to ask about the types and levels of insurance coverage the manager has, and consider whether they are sufficient.
💻 TechnologyIn today’s digital world, technology plays a crucial role in property management. Look for a manager who uses technology to streamline processes and provide better service, such as through online portals for tenants and owners, mobile apps for maintenance requests, and data analytics for financial reporting.

The Perks of Hiring AB Realty, A Top Property Manager in Perth, Western Australia

Managing rental properties can be demanding. That’s why hiring AB Realty, a reliable Property Manager in Perth, Western Australia, can make your life easier. Whether you want to sell your beloved family home or find a rental closer to your children’s school, we have your best interests at heart.

With our professional photographers and video experts, your property will be captured in its best light. Our unique offerings include daytime, twilight, and night photo shoots as well as video and drone filming opportunities.

Client Testimonials and Success Stories

We’re thrilled to share with you these firsthand accounts from a few of our satisfied clients in Perth. Their experiences with AB Realty showcase not only our dedication and expertise, but also our personal and respectful approach that sets us apart.

Alexandra Wiffen
I have rented through AB realty for two years …. They are the best people to deal with. Friendly polite and they make everything so easy. I love having them as my property managers that much when I moved house and the owner was looking for an agent to deal with everything I suggested he call AB realty so I am happy as to have them managing the new place. I don’t have a bad thing to say about the team, oh hang on only thing is they are so far away hahahahaha I would recommend AB realty to anyone. They are the best.

Caleigh Rutland
The team at AB are friendly, understanding and beyond helpful!
Michelle McKenna and Michelle Vogels have been absolutely incredible with their service and support, easy to liaise with, prompt and extremely professional in their work. We have been so lucky to have them both! A great business with local knowledge and community feel. Could not recommend them enough!

Martin Smetana
We utilized the services of AB Realty for our rental needs and were thoroughly impressed. Michelle, our property manager, demonstrated excellent professionalism, a pleasant demeanor, and outstanding competence in her role. Our experience as tenants with AB Realty was without incident, and we have no hesitation in recommending them. Furthermore, we would consider utilizing AB Realty again in the future due to their strong commitment to maintaining and addressing any issues with their properties in a timely manner. In summary, we found AB Realty to be an exceptional real estate agency!

Jessica Forrest
I had been struggling managing my own rental property and had looked into other realestate agents to manage my property. The fees were quite high and I felt nervous about the process.
I shared my situation with a plumber who had come to fix something at the property. He told me about AB Realty and how they manage his rental properties and how good it has worked out for him.
I went straight down to AB Realty and was greeted with professionalism and a human heart. The process was straightforward, the support and communication has been faultless. It has been over 18 months now that my rental property has been hassle free and well managed. I wish I had have been introduced to AB Realty years ago.

Explore more client reviews and experiences on our Google Maps Listing Profile.

Features and Details with AB Realty:

  • Tenant screening: Ensuring reliable tenants through thorough checks.
  • Rent collection: Timely collection with our efficient processes.
  • Property maintenance: Quick response to repairs and regular inspections.
  • Lease agreement management: Professional handling of lease agreements and renewals.

Feel free to check out our Property Management services in Western Australia at AB Realty, where we deliver on our promises and welcome you to join our tight-knit family for the length of your property journey.

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Our office is located in Wanneroo Central Shopping Centre – pop in next time you’re in the area.

As Your Rental Agency in Perth

We provide expert property management services in the following suburbs:

For more information on our services in each location, please click on the relevant suburb.

Property Management Services We Offer

  • Advertising of your property
  • Opening your property to prospective tenants
  • Thorough review of tenant applications
  • Drawing up of all documentation
  • Rent collection
  • Tenant retention
  • Property maintenance
  • A written report and photographic evidence of the current state of your investment property after every inspection
  • Lease negotiations
  • Tenant complaint handling
  • Financial reports
  • Account checking
  • Eviction processing and removals, if required

Why choose AB Realty for property management in Perth?

Our team works hard for you and your tenants to ensure your property management experience is enjoyable and rewarding. Let’s look at our 3-phase process for property management.

Action Phase

Widespread property promotion

We advertise on all the major real estate websites as well as our own to increase your success in finding the perfect tenant for your property. We can also hold property viewings after hours or on weekends to attract a broader range of tenant applications.

Attention to detail

We screen prospective tenants through the National Tenancy Database. This database offers an extra layer of protection for your investment property by verifying identity, rental history (if applicable), and financial stability for any rental applications we receive. We also have approved tenants-in-waiting on our database – people actively looking for a rental property in the area.

Contract Phase

Customised contracts that work for you

We design a contract that suits your needs. Every investment property is different. We draw up all documentation to meet your property management requirements. This includes the frequency of inspections and responsibilities regarding property repairs.

Maintenance Phase

Regular Communication

We perform thorough rental inspections and deliver detailed reports to your inbox to read at your convenience. These reports include photos of the current state of your investment property for your peace of mind.

Prompt Problem Solving 

We have an extensive network of tried and trusted maintenance professionals. This means we can quickly solve upkeep issues or repairs to ensure a smoother rental experience for your tenants. Happy tenants mean a happy property owner!

Professional and Personal Service

We welcome feedback and are available to answer your calls if you have any questions or concerns.

Property Manager Perth FAQ's

What level of experience do AB Realty’s property managers in Perth possess?
AB Realty's property managers in Perth possess over 20 years of experience in the local real estate market. The licensee/principal, Andy, specifically has a wealth of experience, including a Diploma in Property and a Diploma in Management, reflecting his expertise in both residential and commercial properties.
Property Management Fees Perth
Understanding the fees for property management is vital before committing to any service. At AB Realty, we are committed to transparent and reasonable pricing tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team in Perth, with over 20 years of experience in the real estate market, works diligently to provide quality services at fair rates. While specific details of our fees are best discussed directly with us, we can assure that they encompass all essential property management tasks, including marketing, tenant selection, rent collection, and maintenance. To further assist you, we're pleased to offer a free, obligation-free appraisal of your property. This will help you gain a respectful valuation and understand how we can meet your property management needs in Perth. Don't hesitate to contact us today to take advantage of this offer and explore our services.
What Services Do AB Realty Provide To Tenants in Perth?
At AB Realty, based in Perth, we offer specialised services to cater to both tenants and landlords. For our tenants in Perth, our services include organising property viewings, screening through reliable databases, verifying all necessary references, and handling the sign-up process with utmost professionalism. We conduct regular inspections, attend to repairs, and manage rent collection, ensuring a seamless rental experience. For a comprehensive understanding of all our offerings, please feel free to contact us.
How Do You Handle Repairs And Maintenance for Perth Properties?
At AB Realty in Perth, we handle repairs and maintenance with prompt efficiency. We have a streamlined process for tenants to report any issues, either via phone, email, or online forms. Our team quickly assesses the urgency and engages trusted professionals to carry out the necessary repairs. Every step is tracked, from initial request to completion, ensuring timely execution and minimal inconvenience. Detailed records are maintained for transparency and satisfaction for all parties involved. Feel free to contact us for any maintenance needs.
How Do You Ensure That Perth Tenants Pay Their Rent On Time?
At AB Realty, we ensure that tenants pay their rent on time by implementing an efficient tracking system for rent payments, maintaining up-to-date lease documents, and establishing clear communication with tenants about payment expectations. We provide timely reminders and offer multiple payment methods. Comprehensive records of all payments are kept to avoid any disputes, guaranteeing a consistent and prompt collection of rent. Feel free to reach out to us for more details on our rent collection process in Perth.