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What is the Weather like in Carramar?

Carramar Weather

Carramar, a tranquil suburb situated in the northern region of Perth, Western Australia, shares a Mediterranean climate with the city. This climate is marked by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Positioned in the Southern Hemisphere, Carramar undergoes seasonal changes opposite to those in Europe and North America.

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Detailed Analysis of Carramar Climate

Carramar’s climate is shaped by its geographical position and the surrounding environment. Being a residential area within the Perth metropolitan region, Carramar’s landscape predominantly features residential buildings, local parks, and small water bodies, influencing its local climate conditions.

Average Temperature in Carramar, WA

The average temperature in Carramar fluctuates seasonally. During the coldest month, July, the average temperature is around 14 °C, while in the hottest months, January and February, temperatures average around 26 °C.

Rainfall and Sunshine Hours

In line with its Mediterranean climate, Carramar experiences dry summers and wet winters. Most of the suburb’s annual rainfall occurs in winter. Despite the seasonal rainfall, Carramar enjoys ample sunshine throughout the year, contributing to its pleasant weather conditions.


Humidity levels in Carramar vary across the year, generally being higher in the cooler, wet winter months and lower during the warm, dry summer months.


Carramar experiences notable wind patterns, including refreshing sea breezes from the Indian Ocean, particularly during the summer months, which help to moderate the warmer temperatures.

Water Temperature

The Indian Ocean near Carramar sees fluctuations in water temperature throughout the year, with warmer temperatures during the summer and cooler conditions in winter, affecting activities like swimming and water sports.

Geographical Influence on Carramar’s Climate

Carramar’s climate is heavily influenced by its location near the Indian Ocean and its suburban landscape. The ocean moderates temperatures, reducing extreme weather conditions and providing a source of moisture for the area.

How Climate Influences Life in Carramar

Carramar’s climate significantly affects the lifestyle and activities of its residents. The warm, sunny climate facilitates various outdoor activities, such as visiting local parks, enjoying nature walks, and participating in community events. However, residents must also adapt to the dry summer conditions by using sunscreen and staying hydrated.

Outdoor Activities

The Mediterranean climate of Carramar allows for diverse outdoor activities year-round. Residents can engage in beach outings, nature explorations, and various water sports during summer. The mild winter weather also supports outdoor activities, making Carramar an attractive location for those who prefer an active lifestyle.

Architecture and Housing

In Carramar, the climate influences architectural designs, with homes often featuring elements to maximise natural cooling and light. Large windows, high ceilings, and outdoor living spaces are common, and these climate-adaptive features can affect property prices in the suburb.

Food and Facilities

Carramar’s climate plays a role in the local food scene and the availability of amenities. The suburb’s weather supports the growth of various produce, enhancing the culinary landscape. Outdoor dining is popular, and the climate also impacts water resource management, given the fluctuating rainfall patterns.

Considerations for Moving to Carramar, WA

When considering relocating to Carramar, the climate is a key factor. The suburb’s Mediterranean climate, with its warm summers and mild winters, influences lifestyle choices, housing preferences, and health considerations.

Lifestyle and Outdoor Activities

The climate in Carramar is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities, offering opportunities for an active lifestyle throughout the year.

Prices of Housing

The pricing of properties in Carramar can be influenced by the buying and selling of climate-adapted housing. Homes tailored to the local climate, equipped with features suitable for warm summers and mild winters, may command different prices compared to less adapted properties.

Health Considerations

Living in Carramar requires adaptation to its climate, particularly during the hot summers. Residents should prioritise hydration and sun protection. The mild winters are beneficial for those sensitive to cold weather, although increased winter rainfall could affect individuals with specific health conditions.

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